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A Complete Guide What is the Instagram video? And how to download it for free.

First, we’ll talk about what we mean when we say “Instagram video.” The Instagram video refers to a whole bucket of things, including Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and Instagram ads.


When you go live on Instagram, the live video will display in the same place as your Instagram Stories while you’re live. When you’re done, your live video will disappear unless you choose to share the replay to your Story, where it will live for 24 hours.


Instagram video ads are videos that you pay to get in front of a targeted audience in the Instagram feed. In addition to your video, they include a call to action (CTA) that lets you link back to your website where viewers can learn more or even make a purchase. 

IGTV (Instagram TV).

Instagram TV, which we all know as IGTV, allows creators to upload high-quality, long-form, vertical videos. IGTV allows Instagram users to create channels where they can upload videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long.

How to Download Instagram Photo and Video Online?

Download Instagram videos to your all devices like pc, computer, mac, phone, iPhone, or Android.


1. Go over, find an Instagram or video that you want to save.

2. Now copy that URL of the Instagram video.

3. Paste the Instagram copied URL on textbox and click on the “Download” button.

4. Download Image or Video

Ready! Your video will be ready for download.

Is illegal downloading videos from Instagram?

Yes, it’s okay for downloading Instagram photos or videos unless you are using it for commercial purposes you should need to proper permission of the original owner. If you doubt whether you can download a photo, the video always asks for permission from the rightful owner.

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