Online Facebook Videos Downloader

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Facebook is an online community where individuals share pictures and videos. Because of its prominence, Facebook has become the most popular platform in the world! Online Facebook Videos Downloader is a great help that makes it the best possible for users to experience Facebook videos and download them in a few easy steps without making any difference in the quality. Allvideodownloader also could download Fb video story of the best quality. All you need is to befriend the creator of the Story on Fb and follow the same steps as downloading from Online Facebook videos downloader.

Copy (Ctrl+C) link or URL & Paste (Ctrl+V)

  • Open the page Facebook, login, and find the video you want to download.
  • Select the video and its link or URL .
  • Copy the link or URL of that desired video.
  • Visit the website  
  • Click on the search bar of the Allvideodownloader website and paste the Facebook video link or URL on it.

Select the format to download the Facebook Video

  • Online Facebook Videos Downloader of Allvideodownloader shows different formats to download videos on your PC and mobile.
  • With a single click on the download button, you will be shown different formats from MP4-144p, MP4-240p, MP4-380p, and so on.
  • Finally, you will select the video format and tap on the download button.

Play, Share, and Enjoy Facebook Video offline   

  • Congratulations, Your Facebook video is saved and is shown in the Downloads folder of your PC, Laptop, or mobile.
  • Open the Download folder and do enjoy your downloaded Facebook video.

Can Facebook live videos be downloaded?

 Yes, of course, they can be downloaded quickly with the help of a Facebook video downloader. You can download your previously Live broadcasts in two ways.   

  1.  From your Page
  2.  From Creator Studio.   

These videos are downloaded as MP4 files and saved to your downloads folder. 

Download a Previously Live Video from a Page

  1. Click on your previously Live video so that it is full screen.
  2. Click in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Download Video.
  4. Click on your previously Live video so that it is full screen.
  5. Click in the upper-right corner.
  6. Select Download Video.

Download a Previously Live Video from Creator Studio

  1. Go to Creator Studio.
  2. Click the Published tab.
  3. Click Live Videos.
  4. Click… next to the video you would like to download.
  5. Select Download SD or Download HD.