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What is 9Gag?

9Gag is an image-commentary sharing site (for memes and more) that’s super hot with gamers, manga enthusiasts, cosplayers, and young people in general across the world. According to the developer: “9Gag is your best source of happiness.

Do people use 9Gag?

Today, 9GAG is one of the most popular platforms on the internet and drawing about 150 million users a month, according to the latest survey.

9gag is a social media website where you can share, upload, and view funny videos. You can find all types of most popular memes, GIFs, breaking stories, and viral content but cannot download them. That’s why we created this 9GAG Video Downloader tool that allows you to download 9gag video from various devices such as PC, Laptop, Mac, iOS, Android for free.

You can download 9gag videos in HD quality (720p, 1080P) and MP4 format completely free. Downloading your favorite videos allows you to watch them offline without using any internet connection which means no ads, buffering, or any kind of disturbance between videos.

With our 9gag video downloader, you can download and save your favorite videos or images easily for free.

How to download 9GAG Videos on Desktop or Android?

Downloading 9GAG videos on your Desktop, Android smartphone and iPhone is very simple.

  1. Open the 9gag website on your phone’s browser.
  2. Search for your favorite videos or gif and copy the URL of the video or gif.
  3. Now go to allvideodownloader.cc. ( you can bookmark this page also for faster access).
  4. Paste the URL in the input box located on the top of the page and click the download button.
  5. Now choose and click on your preferred video quality and format from the options given on the screen.
  6. The download will begin automatically in your safari or chrome browser.

Why to choose allvideodownloader.cc tool for download 9GAG videos or images?

There are many websites online that ask you to download unknown software to your device to download videos online. But this is not the case with our website you don’t need to install any kind of software on your device to download online videos, allvideodownloader is

  1. Free of cost.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. No user registration is required.
  4. Multiple video formats to choose from.
  5. Download videos and GIFs in HD quality MP3, MP4 And much more.
  6. Easy and friendly to use user interface.
  7. No need to install any software to download 9gag videos or gifs.

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