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What is used for?

Blogger makes it extremely easy for would-be web writers to publish their thoughts on the Internet in writing or videos.. Blogger is a free blogging platform that’s designed for ease. Because it’s owned by Google, users can link it to various other Google products, like photo-sharing site Picasa and social network Google+.

Do blogs have videos?


When you preview or view the blog post in its published form, the video will be there. Here are a few ways to use YouTube videos in your blog posts.

How can I download a video from blogger?

Downloading videos from Blogger sites is simple.

Step 1

Download and install Google Chrome, Internet Browser, Opera Browser, or the Mozilla Firefox browser to your computer following all on-screen prompts.

Step 2

Open and select a blog video.

Step 3

Open and past the link of the video.

Step 4

Select the Icon that shows the red, yellow, and blue balloons along with the video link and chose the format to download your video.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes …! To download videos on Blogger is free and safe.

We don’t store any data of you .

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